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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 12, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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is is is. >> temperatures remain in the 50's and showers move in. front bringing in the cold rain and when it will be over maryland in my sky watch forecast. and the debut of michael jackson's new song. >> here i stand. >> here i stand. >>reporter:
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>> good evening. >> cecil county teen hit and killed by an amtrak taken traveling more than 100 miles an hour at the time of impact. >> his cousin witnessed the tragedy and she is telling her store fears on fox. kathleen jones us with more tonight. kathleen? >>reporter: 13-year-old shawn kelly was spending sunday afternoon with his cousin and a friend when they decided to take a short cut shawn was hit by the south bound train. the railroad tracks run directly through this section of cecil county. late sunday 3 kids were in the area including 11-year-old page. >> we were playing in the woods. we were heading back to where we were staying at that time. >>reporter: it was near the tracks the kids made a big decision. >> closest way to get there was to cross the train track. >>reporter: they heard the train. >> the other person that was with us said hurry up here it comes. and from the very
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beginning when we were going across shawn was only a little bit behind. >>reporter: 13-year-old shawn kelly was directly behind his cousin page but page says she knew the train was close. >> i heard the train going and i heard a big thud. >>reporter: shawn was gone. >> not going to be the same without him. >>reporter: shawn kelly was an eighth grade honor student at perryville middle school. tonight at 10 find out how his family said shawn was saved a few months ago. fox 45 news at 5:30. man shot in the head in an apparent robbery attempt. happened in wood lawn. man is expected to survive. no word on any arrest. baltimore police investigate 3 separate murders over the weekend. first happened just before 9 on saturday morning in the 1900 block of oak hill avenue.
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37-year-old damon jackson was shot and killed there. another shooting led to the death of tricks-year-old key. he was shot and killed just after one in the afternoon saturday in the 7000 block of north ken wood avenue. third homicide happened early sunday in the 3700 block of spring dale avenue. 35-year-old jones was shot and killed. police have no suspects in any of the murders. . >> days after bus driver took nearly 20 children on wild ride baltimore county police wrap up their investigation. crime justice reporter has the latest on these findings tonight. joy? >>reporter: jeff, late word from the baltimore county school system that the bus driver was not at fault. when asked whether driver handled the situation last thursday in the best manner possible, i was told by the school system that they wouldn't go that far. still it appears the driver did indeed simply get lost. charlie a spokesman for baltimore county school says
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they concluded their investigation a short team ago. after interviewing the children on board as well as the driver. as far as allegations of vulgarity being used by the driver towards students during the ordeal, he couldn't comment. >> at this point we are not prepared to talk about the driver status with baltimore county other than the fact he is a baltimore county driver. >> the driver was upset because the kids were making too much noise. so he was punish them with not stopping at the stop. that's what he told us first time. then when i got owner of the company came in he was like well he was lost. what can we do. take your children and go home. >>reporter: right now the driver is on administrative leave but the 52-year-old is expected to return to the job. as for whether he well continue on this new route, route, that is yet to be seen. of course much more on the late developing story tonight at 10:00. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. man oh, collapsed and died
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at the marathon this weekend is from the boston year. police say the 22-year-old man is from cambridge, massachusetts collapsed saturday near the 23 mile marker. he died at union memorial hospital. doctors say training is key when taking part in any major athletic event like this. >> you want to be adequately prepared for the event and you want to adequately hydrate during the event. you need to listen to your body. when it tells you to stop, sometimes you have to stop. >>reporter: exact cause of the runner death is still unknown. this is the second death now in the race 9 year history. >> mayor dixon goes on trial next month on theft charges. it's the first of 2 trials if convicted she could very well be forced to reseen. now the naacp is raising concern whether governor could select mare dixon successor if necessary. john joining us now to explain. john? >>reporter: the state constitution says if a mayor is convicted of misconduct in
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office he or she can be removed by the governor. naacp believes the governor may also have the authority to name a successor. they say that's wrong. past 25 years 2 baltimore marries elected governor and in case the city council president became acting mare. naacp claims that's not necessarily the keys. a mayor convected of misconduct in office. head of baltimore naacp says if the governor is allowed to choose an active mayor he could select whom ever he wants whether candidate be black, black, white, democrat or republic. >> we have basically predominantly after cab american city and likely to have one elected. you have a governor that is republican. no pro hi begs from republic governor appointing a republican mayor in a city that hasn't an elected republican for years in any position. >>reporter: one baltimore city delegate says the state
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constitution doesn't call for the governor to name acting mayor but the issue may have to be resolved by an pen from the attorney general. this is news at 5:30. >> that brings us to our question of the day. should race play a factor in selecting baltimore mayor. just go to our web site and tell us what you think. response may air tonight at 10:00. shocking new report says americans will end up paying more. a lot more for health insurance if proposal in the senate finance committee becomes law. analysis paid for by the insurance industry predicts family premium will increase up to 4000 dollars in 10 years. whitehouse says hard to take the report seriously since it was paid for by the insurance industry. former senate majority leader frist told morning news americans will pay more. >> we know this bill will end up costing they say 850 billion dollars. but that's with 3 year of implementation.
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real 10 year cost east 1.3 trillion dollars today. sought money there's come from somewhere. not enough money out there. e-senate finance committee is expected to vote on the legislation tomorrow. you can contact your lawmakers and let them know what you they about health care reform. contact information on our web site fox slash your voice. >> how are the roads looking out there tonight. can takes has our traffic edge report. hello kandace. >> hi jeff. it is a holiday so that's good news for the evening travel and if you are heading out at 65 on 95 in the northeast corner. 62 there on 83 moving through baltimore couldn't and 48 on the jfx. not doing too bad on the west side of the belt way. we are loving this. now at 59 miles per hour there and 39 on 95 through howard county. so all in all not too much to complain about but new accident to warn you about on the south end of the jfx at cold spring lane so falls road best option for the alternate
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route tonight. 695 north approaching the ramp so far the traffic is flowing freely there both inner and outer loop lanes making that approach just fine. now it does get a bit heavy on the inner loop side from townsend up to parkville but nothing like it usually is. then on 95 right now on northbound lanes from the belt way up to wheat marsh boulevard we are loving this right now. only looking at 5 minute clip. that's the evening travels now back to you. thanks kandace. new music from the king of pop. >> still ahead tonight. here's a song that was just here's a song that was just released >>reporter: major shoot out inside a crowded bar. what may have led to the gun battle. evening in purple. coming up we explain why women are up we explain why women are taking over
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>> new report indicate the swine flu could be making people sicker than first thought. the report followed patients in canada and mexico. the sickest patients with the virus saw the symptoms rapidly getting worse. include breathing concerns that required intense treatment in the hospital. good news however is that most patients survive. incredible shoot out inside a packed ohio bar all inside a packed ohio bar all caught on this all happened thursday at the route 66 bar in toledo. you can see people running outside as gunman came in firing unbelievably no one was hurt. it wasn't over yet. another camera outside. captured the scene few minutes later. more shots fired outside the bar. amazingly nobody hurt there either. all the suspect got away. cops think it was all over drugs. cold start to the work
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week but warm-up apparently in our future. tony joins us now with the first look at the sky watch forecast. hi tony. >> hi jeff. felt more like veterans day than columbus day. like november instead of october. right now 55 degrees. that's one of the warmer readings we have had thus far today. we have mostly cloudy skies out there. winds out of the east northeast at 7 miles per hour. humidity 64 percent. dew point no problem there. at 43. as i said 55 is the high temperature where we are right now. 47 is where we should be and as you can see temperatures stay that way overnight and looks like we get rid of the cloud cover the storm system heading in our direction and we have one day folks look at this tomorrow. 58 at sex in the morning. 60 with sunshine and top out the 70 degree and keep the warmth around for long period of tim time? 7 day forecast coming up in just a little bit. thank you. female ravens fans get inside
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look at how the team works. annual event purple evening happening tonight. >> melinda live at mnt bank stadium where it is all happening. >>reporter: well the idea is relevant to familiarizes female fans with the game of football. so they start off with very basic tonight explaining how the game is played. they have some drills set up here tonight too. you can see the field marker and tackle dumpy behind me. women get a chance to take part in the drills. they are also going over some very base he can technology. so tonight instead of the score board flashing information like yard and turn overs talk like scramble and where the quarterback runs around to avoid tackling. lucky ladies also get to meet some of the raven players who sign autograph for them and take a tour of the stadium and even get an inside peek of the locker room. all this connects off at 6:00 o'clock. still time to get down here and tickets are sold at the
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door. reporting live from mnt bank stadium, fox 45 news at 5:30. all right. thank you. >> fox 45 wants you to show off your purple pride. go to our web site slash purple pride. send us the ravens fan picture or video. also send them directly from the cell phone to purple at fox true love should be based on honesty. how likely -- how unlikely couple lying all come together in the low down. this is it. new song from michael jackson is now released. how part of much bigger project by the late king of ♪ .
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>> you could have a case of the giggle this week. plenty of fresh comedy which to choose at the video store. kandace tells us what is new in the low down. kandace? >>reporter: thanks jeff. our first source of laugh comes courtesy of former frat boy and former beauty queen. ryan and sandra seem like the last 2 people that would ever get married. this mismatch pair make for unusual romantic comedy in the proposal. when margaret faces deportation to canada she remembers a crucial loop hole that could help her beat the stem. >> we are getting married. we
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are getting married. >>reporter: unfortunately she forgot to mention the engagement to her fiance also known as her assistant andrew. to make it look legit he has to meet the future inlaws. >> use your vowel. e. o. >> charge. >>reporter: you should never bring these guys to meet the family. by now you are familiar with the jackass series but releasing a whole new batch of prank for you. the tape show the brave souls pulling off sunset will leave you scratching your head. best part it's unrated which means you get to see the gee in all their glory. there's nothing to laugh at in the horror film drag me to hell despite being bagged a lone officer turns down and the woman gets a curse on the ban
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banker in tv check out the first season of legend of the seeker on dvd. elements of classic tale from sword fighting to wizard and sorcery. >> this is just a piece of steel but in a seeker hand restores the power to fight evil. >>reporter: peck up season 1 tomorrow and season two in november. halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means at the box office. another eninstallment of the movie saw. talk about it on friday. that's the low down. brand new song by michael jackson debuts on the interne internet. ♪ this is it released on jackson official web seat today. song was
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jackson last work created before he died in june for a film with the same title. the film was to promote the tour now it features his career highlights and last rehearsal. it's in theater october 28. fans can buy the 2 desk album the day before. look for the entire song on our web site slash news link. after starting the season 3 and o the ravens have lost 2 straight games. we get john harbaugh reaction to yesterday last minute loss to the bengals coming up next in sports. (lips smacking) you disgust me. prove it. (announcer) enough's enough. d-con baits are fifty-percent stronger than the competition, and can kill in one feeding. d-con. get out. you disgust me. prove it. (announcer) enough's enough. d-con baits are fifty-percent stronger than the competition,
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce. very somber atmosphere in owens mills today. ravens review the game film of the loss to cincinnati and faces were long at the castle. the touch down pass to caldwell
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with 22 seconds left capped 80 yard drive aided by 3 ravens penalty that gave the bengals the margin of victory. after the game yesterday no one was offering necessity excuses. same story today at harbaugh post mortem he said what we saw sunday is not hard to explain. >> bengals are good enough to beat us on sunday. we weren't good enough to find a weigh to score enough points to beat them. we my them again in 3 weeks and we node to find a way to overcome that defense from sunday. they are going to be getting better between now abandon the next time we play them. we have 3 or 4 important games between to us make sure that we make that game important. that's our responsibility to do that in the mean time e-next one. vikings and minnesota. ouch. reminder. part of the next edition of the silver spotlight joined by defense he have back webb. wild cafe and utah street at 7:00 o'clock. wear the burp el black and
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part of next taping of coors let silver spotlight. espnsen of play book.i'll be joined by my co-host and one of the team mates at 7. much more on yesterday loss to the bengals including reaction from ray reece on the game and our play of the week count down coming up at 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you e.thanks bruce. >> feeling locate? power ball probably coming to maryland. state lottery expects the new game to start in maryland the next 4 to 5 months. deal is result of negotiations between the officials and states that operate mega million. having both games will help get more people to play. >> understand a warm-up is in the near future. >> tony here with weather net. >> tell you right now we are at the warmest we have been all day. 56 at the ener harbor. we have been struggling throughout the days in the low 50's. cloud cover out there. speaking of which as you can see there have been some brightening of the sky here and there but most part
5:58 pm
they have had thick cloud cover and it stays with us through the over neat hours until we can get a wedge of warm air that is going to be filtering in the area and looks like you are going to love tomorrow. one day sale though. 69 degrees will be about 13 degrees warmer tomorrow than we were today. then here at home on the eastern shore we see 68 degrees. nice breeze out of the south so mix of clouds and sunshine and we'll be right where we should be this time of year. 68 to 69 is normal temperature. so today we were indeed much cooler than normal on this columbus day. 64 degrees in western maryland. mexico of clouds and sunshine then it looks leak you are wondering if we can keep the warmth around you heard about the big storm out to the west of us. it's affecting our weather. here we go with the 7 day forecast. 69 tomorrow. 7 day forecast. 69 tomorrow. inner
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